Is It Time to Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure?

Growing businesses know how essential their IT departments are. They want them to have everything they need at their disposal, but technology advances quickly. Keeping up can be quite expensive, and the thought of changing what is already working makes most business owners apprehensive.

However, the challenges and risks that may come with upgrading IT infrastructure are far less consequential than working with an outdated system. As infrastructure ages, employee performance and productivity are compromised, and the whole system becomes a massive source of frustration.

Technology that functions substandardly can be far more time-consuming than implementing a new system. Spikes in network traffic, customer expectations, and industry standards require a business to constantly adapt and evolve. 

For many companies, it never seems like the right time to upgrade IT infrastructure. Still, it would be in the best interest of the business to upgrade before small signs become big problems.

When Is The Best Time to Upgrade IT Infrastructure?

Certain transitions can be the best times to upgrade your infrastructure. Some of these include:

A Change in Work Culture

IT Infrastructure Upgrade for Remote Work

The vast majority of businesses transitioned to working remotely in the last year and a half. Whether employees are in a home office, at a Starbucks, or even on a laptop at the beach, they still need to be managed.

If a full-scale enterprise mobility management solution isn’t set up, attempting to manage remote employees will be chaotic at best. A comprehensive, up-to-date IT infrastructure is a crucial component to getting the most out of remote staff.


Exponential growth is fantastic for profit margins and the bottom line of a company, but you cannot grow without expanding your most important departments. More employees will need to be hired, trained, and supported as the company’s need grows.

Understandably, the strain an influx of new employees puts on technology leads to an upturn in operational costs.

An efficient, scalable solution that can effortlessly handle the addition of employees becomes necessary pretty quickly. Once the network shows signs of being overloaded, it’s past time to upgrade.

What Are The Signs Your Network Needs an Update?

Even when major transitions are not a consideration, some signs can inform you of the need to upgrade, including:

Declining Productivity

IT Upgrade to Meet Deadlines

If your team normally delivers before deadlines and they start to become days late, or your system keeps crashing, which renders them unable to work, your infrastructure is most likely out of date.

Servers that crash are the smoke signaling the fire of deeper technology infrastructure issues. Crashing servers will become the norm if there isn’t enough space, processing power, or bandwidth in your network.

A few other diagnoses could be lack of proper airflow in the room, resulting in overheating, or the worst option possible – malware or other nasty viruses. When your IT team seems to slow down, and even they can’t fix it, it is time for an upgrade.

Unusually High Electric Bills

Obviously, IT systems require a fair amount of energy to run. When you factor in cooling and the fact that IT systems operate around the clock, it’s no wonder that powering even the most efficient IT systems is a little expensive.

If the system you’re working with is out of date or downright ancient, the amount of energy it needs to function increases dramatically. It doesn’t take much for old systems to overheat, which means temperature control has to be closely monitored and strictly enforced.

This vigilance can take an already hefty services bill and make it ridiculously expensive. Naturally, newer technology runs cooler and doesn’t need as much energy to run. It is built with costs and the environment in mind. If the cost of energy is draining your revenue, you need to look into an upgrade.

A System Breach

System breaches are nightmare fuel for proprietors everywhere. These days, cybercriminals are getting more creative and striking more often. A breach is a glaring neon sign that you are seriously past due for a new system.

Once a cyberheist is pulled off, it will leave you reeling. Some businesses have even closed their doors because the breach made it too difficult to conduct regular operations. Furthermore, a system breach can affect your company’s reputation and standing in the industry.

An outdated system is a vulnerable system, and a vulnerable system is no match for a determined hacker. Even if no sensitive data was accessed and the breach turns out to be minute, it is still a tell-tale sign of a network with a profoundly bad systemic issue.

Fluctuating Sales

When an IT network is outdated and flawed, the company’s revenue is eventually affected. Calls made with VoIP services are disconnected regularly, invoices are lost, and backups aren’t properly created. These are just a few symptoms of an outdated system.

In order to continue conducting business as seamlessly as possible, it is paramount to upgrade IT systems. Once the relationship with your customers becomes affected, the cost of upgrading will not seem as steep.

Benefits of Upgrading Your IT Systems

IT Infrastructure upgrade

An upgrade means your system will be fully secure, and you won’t have to worry about a security breach if you follow basic countermeasures. The speed of your network will increase, which means employee productivity will rise. Also, new systems come with a warranty.

Your new system can be up and running in no time, meaning your business will not have to be interrupted for long. In addition to these great benefits, you will also begin to see a decline in your energy costs. A new system will save you headaches, money, and the sting of falling behind your competitors.

The Perfect Time to Upgrade IT Systems

The best time for businesses to upgrade IT systems is right now. There is no reason to wait. Every moment your outdated system runs, the chance of a days-long crash or horrendous security breach grows larger and larger. To save your company’s money, time, and stress, be proactive.

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