4 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Maybe you have an in-house IT department that is beginning to be overwhelmed by the number of support tickets coming in. Or maybe you are unsure about whether to hire an in-house IT worker or simply outsource your IT needs. While in-house IT departments have their place, outsourced IT support is generally the better option for most businesses. Outsourced IT is more cost-effective, includes a team of qualified experts, does not suffer from downtime, and frees up your internal employees to perform other job duties. It can also work hand-in-hand with your internal IT department if needed. These hybrid systems are some of the most efficient.

Outsourced IT is Cost-Effective

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Having an in-house IT department means paying a salary and benefits for every member of the team. That can get expensive as your IT department grows over time along with the rest of your business. What may start as just one tech-savvy person will eventually need to be expanded in order to keep up with the workloads associated with IT support.

Outsourced IT can make use of a few different payment structures. However, it is most frequently billed at a flat rate on a monthly basis for all services provided. The reason these flat rates are such a good deal for businesses is that they do not change regardless of how many IT professionals from the outsourced team work to solve your issues. You can think of it as paying the salary of one IT professional but getting the manpower of an entire IT team instead.

Have a Team of Experts at Your Fingertips

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An outsourced IT support team is more than just manpower though. It is a team of experts that includes specialists from various IT fields and a large pool of resources. While an internal IT department is typically made up of general IT pros, it is usually not cost-effective to have specialists on-hand 24/7. There usually will not be enough specialized work for these employees, and so they will either work part-time or as-needed, or will perform other work duties to fill in the gaps.

However, hiring such specialists is common for outsourced IT support companies. Because they have multiple clients, there is often always work for a specialist to do. And this is also why outsourced IT companies are likely to have more resources than an internal department. They are able to spread the cost and time of those specialists and resources across multiple clients. And that means that when you have a specialized problem that needs solving, they are just one phone call or email away.

No Downtime with Outsourced IT

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Do you run a small business with one employee to perform all of your IT needs? What happens when that employee goes on vacation or calls out sick? IT tasks begin to pile up, systems may not be restored in a timely manner if they go down, and problems can be made worse if your non-IT employees attempt to fix things on their own. Your internal IT employees cannot be expected to be there to fix everything 24/7. But that is exactly what outsourced IT is for. By outsourcing your IT support, you are benefitting from there always being someone on-hand who can help. Even if the problem you have encountered is a unique one, there will likely be a specialist who can solve it for you.

Another way in which outsourcing your IT needs can reduce downtime is through the use of automated monitoring for your online systems. In the event that something goes wrong, your IT support partner can be notified and respond immediately, before you or your customers/clients are even aware.

Free Up Your Internal Employees

One of the biggest issues you may run into when not partnering with an IT support company is that your employees will be spending a lot of time fixing IT issues. Unless you have a well-staffed IT department of your own, fixing IT issues will fall on the rest of your employees and will take up valuable time. Rather than performing the job duties they were hired to do, some employees may find most of their time being taken up by maintenance tasks. By outsourcing your IT tasks, your employees will be free to do what they were originally hired for.


There are many benefits to outsourcing your business’ IT needs. However, four stand above the rest. When compared to an internal department, outsourcing your IT to an independent company is much more cost-effective thanks to their resources and dedicated team of experts. With that team of experts come specialists who can solve even the most unique problems. But that is not all. Outsourced IT also features reduced downtime thanks to personnel and monitoring systems working around the clock. And finally, it will help free up your employees to perform the jobs they were actually hired for rather than spending most of their time responding to IT tasks.

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