Tape vs. FailSafe Backup Systems

Sure, a lot of companies still use tape drives to backup their data. In our opinion, that’s betting the future of your business on technology that dates back to the 1950s. It’s a little like listening to your favorite music on a cassette player – only considerably more dangerous.

For one thing, restoring lost data from tape is a time-consuming process that sometimes doesn’t work. Backup, itself, can take hours to complete and real-time backup is impossible. And because most tape backup schedules allow for no incremental backups or only a small number for each set, there are often multiple copies of the same file on tape.

What’s worse, tape easily breaks and if nobody notices, huge amounts of data don’t get backed up. And the tapes themselves take up a lot of storage space.

Our FailSafe NAS, on the other hand, is a compact device packed with high-capacity hard drives. Despite being a powerfully robust machine, it doesn’t require much electricity or take up much space.

Our FailSafe Solution provides your business with real-time automated backup. There are no tapes to change; nothing to start or stop.

It also gives you the option of storing only changes in data and not all the data. Which, of course, saves you capacity and time, and, not coincidentally, money.

What’s more, our FailSafe Solution makes restoring lost data fast and simple. It’s easy to manage and scalable, too. And quite affordable.

All of which makes a strong argument for replacing your tape-based backup system with our FailSafe Solution. And then we’d like to talk to you about that flip phone you’re using.

When you’re ready, we’re at 484.443.4000 and right here.