How It Works

How FailSafe Safeguards Your Data and Saves Your Bacon

Backs Up Everything

Your entire IT environment, in fact. That is, every Windows® server, desktop or laptop in the place. Even your special application SQL, Exchange or SharePoint servers. And not just data but the operating system, applications, services and configuration settings. Everything.

Stores It Securely

FailSafe automatically stores all your data on redundant and secure servers at a number of impregnable locations – as well as onsite. What’s more, all that remotely stored data is encrypted for maximum security.

Recovers It Rapidly

Instantly even. And, in a worst-case scenario, even to dissimilar hardware with a bare-metal restoration after a server failure.

Eliminates Downtown

FailSafe incorporates both StorageCraft® Backup/DR and ShadowProtect® Server software to ensure you get your IT stuff back online fast.

Monitors Your Machines

FailSafe monitors every machine in your system to alert you when a backup fails to happen, it’s running out of storage space or any other problem.

Never Sleeps

FailSafe affords 24/7/365 protection for all your data. The solution is always on, always watching over your system. And because the solution never sleeps, you can – and much better.

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