Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Despite what telephone companies want you to think, they’re already relics of the past. You don’t need the phone company in order to make calls anymore, and this isn’t new.

All you need is a computer or phone with an internet connection and you can make and receive calls just as you always have.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that digitizes sound, splits that sound into “packets” of information, and then transmits those packets over the internet. VoIP turns your computer into a phone and even allows you to forward calls to an actual phone, all without the hassle and expense of a phone company.

Advantages of Switching to VoIP

Philadelphia Area Business Communications Service and Installation.
  • No office phone system in need of maintenance
  • No busy tone when power is lost
  • Make and receive calls from your “office phone” from anywhere
  • Integrate software packages like CRM and Outlook
  • Available features like “click-to-dial”
  • Interconnect multiple office locations with one unified system
  • Reach a remote office phone by extension
  • Typically less expensive than the phone company

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