Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past twenty or so years, you’re probably already aware that you don’t need the telephone company to make a phone call anymore.

All you need is a computer or phone connected to the Internet.

That’s VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol which is technology that digitizes sound, splits that sound into “packets” of information and then transmits those packets over an IP network. VOIP essentially delivers sound to computer or phone connected to the IP network.

Philadelphia Area Business Communications Service and Installation.

The advantages are numerous:

  • There is no phone system in your office that you need to worry about and maintain
  • If you lose power, your phone number will not have a busy tone
  • You can take your phone anywhere and receive or make calls with your office caller ID
  • Software packages like CRM and Outlook can be integrated with the phone system
  • Features like “click-to-dial” are available
  • Interconnect multiple office locations on to one unified system
  • Reach remote office phone by simply dialing an extension
  • Typically less expensive

We’ll be glad to come over and give you a complete assessment of your business communications needs and possibilities. It’s free, of course, and there’s no obligation.

Just give us a call at 484.443.4000. Which just might be the last time you use the phone company.