Application Development

Sure, we can provide all the packaged software applications your business needs.

But what if you need something that isn’t off any shelf, even ours? What if you find yourself wishing Excel® or Outlook® had that one extra feature? What if you need to automate a process and there’s simply no app for that?

We can help with all of that. We’ll add to the app’s existing programming so it does much more than the developers ever envisioned. We’ll even create entirely new technology to help you optimize your operations.

For example, we can design a custom Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications® program that supercharges Windows® and Office and makes your Access® database more user friendly. A customized VBA program could be just what you need for that automation, supplementary functionality or interface.

But why stop there? If you find certain departments are sharing and maintaining ever more complex data in Excel spreadsheets, we can help you replace that outgrown app with one that makes more sense for your business.

Bottom line: Don’t accept the loss of productivity just because no existing application meets your needs. We’ll create a custom solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. Even mobile apps, too.

And that’s not all. We can help you create a smart, professional Website that gives you a powerful presence on the Internet. Then we’ll optimize your site so it shows up high in Google and Bing.

Surprised to learn ITSG can do all that? Hey, we didn’t get to be the Philadelphia area’s IT support and service leader just by selling off-the-shelf apps. Call us at 484.443.4000 or click here.