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QuickBooks Online vs Desktop: What Your Business Needs in 2017 And Beyond

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop – this is perhaps a perennial dilemma for entrepreneurs starting or running a small business. Back in the 1990s, when QuickBooks was launched, life was simpler. The desktop version of the software was the only option available, since providing software over the internet wasn’t a common practice back in the day. Today, not only are there desktop and online versions, but also multiple sub-categories in each to choose from, which means that picking the most suitable option for your business model is just getting trickier. Choosing the Right Version of QuickBooks for Your Business Over the years, QuickBooks has become synonymous with expense tracking, budgeting, and financial management and is used for myriad purposes, from simplifying personal accounting to tracking complex business finances. With millions of established businesses still using the desktop version and newer ones preferring the online version, each enjoys its own loyal… Read more »