IT Support Plans

At ITSG, we’ve long believed that a business’s IT department has better things to do all day than to go around resetting passwords and unjamming printers. Yet those are precisely the time-robbing, soul-numbing activities most IT departments routinely spend their days performing. The reason? There’s nobody else to do it. And that sort of thing has always been an IT job. As a result of all that, IT seldom gets to demonstrate how it can help the business become more productive, more profitable and more competitive. We can help you unleash the power of your IT department by taking care of all the small stuff so it can concentrate on helping you achieve your business goals. We’ll do that, in part, by making sure the small stuff never becomes a big problem. Most of all, we’ll work with your department to make sure you get the most out of your... Read more »

Network & Data Security

How safe is your data? It’s bad enough that your business’s data could be wiped out by a natural disaster or a power surge. You’ve also got to worry about somebody stealing the stuff. Or maliciously corrupting it. And just because your business isn’t a Fortune 500 company, that doesn’t mean your data isn’t in some hacker’s sights. In fact, smaller companies are especially vulnerable because they may lack the hardware and software big companies use to ward off threats spread by the Internet. We’ve helped hundreds of Philadelphia-area businesses make their data safe and secure from all threats to it. Including: Viruses, worms and Trojan horses Spyware, adware and other forms of malware Zero-day and zero-hour attacks Hackers Denial of service attacks Data interception Data theft And identity theft In thinking about your company’s network security, it’s important to understand that no single solution can protect your data. You... Read more »

Business Communications & VOIP

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past twenty or so years, you’re probably already aware that you don’t need the telephone company to make a phone call anymore. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet. That’s VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol which is technology that digitizes sound, splits that sound into “packets” of information and then transmits those packets over an IP network. VOIP essentially delivers sound to the computer via telephones connected to the IP network. The advantage is there’s no phone company to charge you fees to make a call. Long distance – even international calls – are virtually free. And means a business can take advantage of this technology to reduce costs and even tie together all its information services. Office phones, voice mail and email, for examples. We recommend Cisco communications systems as great ways to take advantage of VOIP... Read more »

Infrastructure Wiring

Wiring isn’t exactly the most exciting part of any conversation about IT. Yet, it’s critical that it be done correctly by experts with years of experience in the field. That would be us, ITSG. We’ve helped hundreds of Philadelphia-area businesses outfit new offices, prepare and execute an office move, and re-wire existing space. All with a minimum of disruption and downtime. Our Infrastructure Team will design and build a neat and professional environment that’s easy to support, easy to change and easy to maintain. And, of course, we’ll make sure your wiring infrastructure is able to deliver maximum performance. If you’re not sure your wiring is all that it should be or if you’re considering changes in your office, give us a call at 484.443.4000 or drop us an email. Because if you’re wiring isn’t right, nothing else will be.

Application Development

Sure, we can provide all the packaged software applications your business needs. But what if you need something that isn’t off any shelf, even ours? What if you find yourself wishing Excel® or Outlook® had that one extra feature? What if you need to automate a process and there’s simply no app for that? We can help with all of that. We’ll add to the app’s existing programming so it does much more than the developers ever envisioned. We’ll even create entirely new technology to help you optimize your operations. For example, we can design a custom Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications® program that supercharges Windows® and Office and makes your Access® database more user friendly. A customized VBA program could be just what you need for that automation, supplementary functionality or interface. But why stop there? If you find certain departments are sharing and maintaining ever more complex data... Read more »

Disaster Recovery Planning

How safe is your data? Could your business survive its loss? If you ever have to ask yourself questions like those, we should talk. When we do, we’ll introduce you to our FailSafe Backup System. It’s the backup and disaster recovery solution designed to offer maximum protection even in worst-case scenarios. Yet, while FailSafe is robust enough to provide enterprise-class protection, it’s priced to fit the budget of small-to-midsize businesses. Utilizing award-winning StorageCraft® software, our FailSafe Solution can backup your entire IT environment. All your data is then automatically encrypted and stored at redundant and secure data centers as well as onsite. And when you need that data, it’s available. Best of all, FailSafe is protection almost any business can afford. So the question is, can yours afford to be without it?

Total Care IT Management

When we’re your rock-solid reliable, surprisingly affordable and totally virtual IT department, you can leave all that technology stuff to us.

Failsafe Backup Systems

With our onsite and offsite backup systems providing security for your data, you’ll never have to ask, “What do you mean it’s gone?”

Cloud Integration Services

Should your business go to “the Cloud?” And what the heck is “the Cloud” anyway? We’ll help you decide if cloud computing makes sense for your company.