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This is just a short note to tell you how much Target Building Construction, Inc. appreciates your service to our business. Seems we are always calling for new hardware, software upgrades or networking of computers at our construction sites. ITSG has always been responsive to our needs. When we move our business in approximately six months, we have complete confidence that the “tear down and set up” of our computer systems will go as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your attention to our business. –Eileen B. Macario, Controller Target Building Construction, Inc. Ridley Park, PA

The Cost of Computer Upgrades

Any business investment needs to go through a cost-benefit analysis. Companies do this all the time with technology investments, but they often weigh the costs and benefits incorrectly.

One Less Thing to Worry About

That’s what you get when we’re your IT guys. Not only will we keep all your IT equipment running smoothly and your data totally secure, we’ll help you get the hardware and software you need to put plenty of daylight between your business and your competitors. And because we’re local, we can be at your place any time you need us in less than an hour. We don’t just claim that, we guarantee it. No wonder ITSG is the IT support and services company other Philadelphia-area companies recommend.

Total Care Managed Services

Total Care Managed Services The benefit of a Full IT Staff without the hassle at an economical fixed price. The benefit of a Full IT Staff without the hassle.

Future of Dell as a PC Leader

Michael Dell founded his build-to-order computer company 25 years ago in his college dorm room. Fifteen years later, Dell was one of the world’s largest tech firms and dominated the global PC industry. The company has since slid, as it was slow to adapt to the popularity of notebooks in the mid 2000s and completely missed the smartphone and tablet revolution of the last five years. In August, Dell reported a 72 percent drop in net income over the previous year, after many similarly dramatic declines. Where Dell is still growing and experiencing the largest profit margins is in data centers, servers, and managed enterprise solutions. To survive the decline in the consumer PC market, Dell must reallocate more resources to research and development to support the sectors where it is currently profitable and to expand into new services. Michael Dell recognized that incurring research and restructuring losses would be… Read more »

Quick Tips and Tricks for iOS 7

If you’ve recently picked up Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 5s, or were prompted to upgrade a previous model iPhone or iPad to iOS 7, the latest mobile operating system, you’ve noticed a number of cosmetic and functional changes over iOS 6. Here are some tips to get the most out of the newest changes to Apple devices: Control Center – The biggest functional change is the addition of a central control panel to access the most commonly changed settings. Now swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top in any view, even when the screen is locked, to toggle Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb. From this screen, you can also access common apps like Camera, Calculator, Clock, and even the new LED flashlight. Siri – Siri has some useful options to make her more user friendly. Access the menu for Siri by opening Settings… Read more »